Kids Matter

Kids Matter


Tootgarook Primary School (TPS) is very proud to be selected as one of the first fifty primary schools to participate in the KidsMatter program, the national primary schools mental health initiative.

This program involves the people who have significant influence on our children’s lives – parents, families, care givers, teachers and community groups – in making a positive difference for children’s mental health.

This initiative aims to:
Improve the mental health and wellbeing of primary school students
Reduce mental health problems amongst students
Achieve greater support for students experiencing mental health problems.
The core content of KidsMatter focuses on the core components of:
A positive school community

A sense of belonging within the school community
A welcoming and friendly school environment
Collaborative involvement of students, staff, families and the community in the school

Social and emotional learning for students
An effective social and emotional learning curriculum
Opportunities for all students to practise skills

Parenting support and education
Effective parent/teacher relationships
Provision of parenting information and education
Opportunities for families to develop support networks

Early intervention for students experiencing mental health difficulties
Promotion of early intervention for mental health difficulties
Attitudes towards mental health difficulties
Processes for addressing the needs of students experiencing mental health difficulties
Further information regarding this component of our teaching and learning at TPS can be found at: