Students Of The Week

Students of The Week Term 2 - 2017



Prep P – Mrs Perkin –   Skylar Stockall – for being a conscientious student who has worked hard at home to practice her writing. Keep up the great effort Skylar!

 Prep S – Mrs Read – Ryan Hardy - For the interest you have been showing in  Mathematics. You are determined to learn all of the numbers on the hundreds chart and you choose to practise them during investigations. Keep up the great effort Ryan!

1A – Miss Arnold   Layla Gale - For using beautiful handwriting when writing our silly sentences this week. Layla is always a happy member of our Year One class!

1P – Miss Perkins- Rhiannon Finn  - For her wonderful reading during our reading rotations this week. I especially enjoyed the way she read capitalised and bold words loudly. Well Done!

2B – Miss Boyd –     

2G -  Ms Gibson –  Harper Elder - For completing her homework like a superstar, it was very impressive. Keep it up Harper!

3H – Mrs Houston –  Tex Shiba- For completing a fantastic cold write and trying so hard on his concentration.  Well done Tex!

3WB – Ms Walton & Mrs Bos –     

4H -  Ms Hone -     

4P – Miss Pittard -  Ike Taylor - For learning and acting with the RICH School Values. You always act with Integrity and complete every task with enthusiasm and positivity, particularly in mathematics. Well done Ike! Keep up the good work!  

5/6H – Miss Munn –    

5/6 K – Mr Kitchin –   Dakota Osborne - You have been such a fantastic help this week! It is great to have such a positive and enthusiastic student in 5/6K. Thank you Dakota.

5/6M – Miss McGhee – Luke Santamaria-For always being a dedicated and hardworking student, you should be pleased with your achievements this term. Well done on also being such a caring and helpful pupil. Congratulations Luke. 

Art / Craft – Miss Davey –Paige Manton – 5/6M – Congratulations Paige on finishing your ‘One Point Respective City Scape’. your finished product is beautiful. Well Done!

Music - Mrs Young -  Summer Rogers – 1P - For always doing your best in Music but especially for the effort you put into your guitar lessons, practising and improving every week. Well Done!

P.E. – Mrs Burns  -   Congratulations Tahlia Oliver! You’re a kind and helpful member of 4P. Your netball skills have improved over the last few weeks and it’s great to see you encourage your team mates.

Indonesian- Mrs Clements – Nakeeta Buck – 5/6H – for working really well this week in Indonesian. Well done Nakeeta!