Students Of The Week

Students of The Week Term 2 - 2017


Prep P – Mrs Perkin –  Ryan Locke – for working hard to learn his sight words and write with the correct pencil grip. Ryan you are making great progress.  Well Done!

Prep S – Mrs Read - Claire Hodgetts - For your hard work during class time in learning your letters and stretching out the sounds in words. Well done!

1A – Miss Arnold – Patience Willis - For being a friendly and kind classmate and always doing her best.

 1P – Miss Perkins – James Breckon - For his amazing spelling work this week. James enjoyed the spelling sort and finished it quickly.

2B – Miss Boyd –  Sonny Feron - For consistently handing in his homework and contributing within classroom discussions.

2G -  Ms Gibson –     Ella Carver – is an outstanding Junior School Council Representative. She has done an outstanding job collecting nude food data for 2G. She is a happy and friendly member of 2BG and always tries her best.                                 3H – Mrs Houston – Riley Newman - For drawing a beautiful ‘Recycling’ poster in Inquiry and presenting it to a high level. Keep up the great work!

3WB – Ms Walton & Mrs Bos –  Marshall Symons – for the effort he is putting into his Mathematic. Well Done Marshall!

4H -  Ms Hone –  Ella Boyle-Vella -For being a responsible risk-taker and demonstrating confidence and persistence, when performing your play in Reading this week. You a great friend to many people in our class, well done Ella, keep up the good work!

 4P – Miss Pittard - Grace Bell - For making a big effort with your education! You are getting to school earlier and are a proactive member of our classroom. Keep up the great work Grace!

5/6H – Miss Munn – William Bowden – for his determination throughout Winter Lightning Premiership. You perservered all day and pushed through many injuries to help the team. Well done, William.  

5/6 K – Mr Kitchin –  Harry Taralaikov-Drewett – what a champion effort you gave at our Winter Lightning Prem! You were a star on the football field. Well done Harry!

5/6M – Miss McGhee –

Art / Craft – Miss Davey – Archy Dwyer – 1P – Thankyou for all of your help with clean up this week. You helped make the Art Room sparkle! Well Done!

Music - Mrs Young -

P.E. – Mrs Burns  -  Taya Seath – 5/6K -  You were an outstanding member of our girls netball team Taya. I look forward to seeing you join a Tootgarook Netball Team and playing each week.